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Top 10 Best Language Translation Apps

It is not a problem anymore if you are not multilingual. You don’t need to be if you have these modern translation apps with you. The top 10 best language translation apps on the market today can help you speak, read and understand any language you come across. Traveling the world is easy these days with the help of these apps. The apps have voice, text and camera translation functionality and can break language barriers. Some of these apps even work offline, so you can still translate languages if you are not connected to the internet. You will be able to communicate your basic needs such as ordering food, shopping, taxi etc. With the these apps in hand you can travel around the world stress free and enjoy other cultures even more.

There are so many translation apps on the market today! Each offers unique functionality from one-to-one conversation translations to pulling text from a book or a sign using your camera. Read on for the top 10 best language translation apps you can find in the market today.

1. iTranslate

iTranslate is one of the most popular translation apps out there, with almost 350,000 ratings on both iTunes and Google Play — most of them 4 and 5 stars. There’s also a special version for Apple Watch. The app\’s basic features include a phrasebook with predefined, useful phrases and translations in more than 100 languages. A pro version starts at $5.99 per month or $49.99 for a yearly subscription

2. SayHi

When you’re traveling to foreign countries, this app is a must! SayHi can easily translate your voice, or type in phrases, so that you can connect with the locals. Translate into over 90 different languages and dialects including Mandarin, French, Spanish and German. You can even play your translation in the voice of either a woman or a man and adjust the speed to your liking.

Translate your voice into 90 languages and dialects with SayHi! The app allows you to record your voice and then translates it into the language you’ve selected. If you’re in a noisy environment, you can also type in the app instead of speaking into the microphone.

3. TripLingo

Want to sound savvy abroad? Download the TripLingo app, and you\’ll be able to communicate like a local in any one of 100 countries, from Spain to Slovakia and beyond. The app translates your voice into the language of your desired destination, or helps you translate images. It also provides a selection of key phrases for your intended destination. You can then use WiFi dialer credits from the app (available in $10 increments) to make calls from abroad. A pro version adds more phrases and the ability to connect to a live translator; pro packages start at $19.99 per month, or you can pay for an individual call with a live translator for $3 per minute. The TripLingo app makes it easier than ever for travelers to communicate like locals abroad.

4. Google Translate

Google is well known for its array of apps, so it should come as no surprise that they have a language translation app. Google Translate has been around since 2001, and today offers its services to more than 200 million people daily. The app works in 103 different languages. All you need to do is write or speak what you want translated and the app will take care of it for you.

Google Translate has been around since 2001, and today offers its services to more than 200 million people online. The app is available in 103 different languages. All you need to do is write or speak what you want translated and the app will take care of it for you.

5. Text Grabber

An indispensable tool for international correspondents, travelers, and the language-curious, TextGrabber instantly translates printed words from one of over 60 languages into any of another 51. With instant translation capabilities and a built-in dictionary containing over 200,000 entries, its a tool designed to make life easier for those who need to communicate in many different languages. With Textgrabber you can instantly translate printed words from one language to another, and it will even recognize words in any type of font.

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6. WayGo

Waygo is a simple app that points at signs and menus and gives you instant translations in 10 free translations per day. If you need more than ten translations per day, you can upgrade to a paid version. Best used with the instant camera – just point at signs and menus and then see your translation. Foodies will find waygo particularly useful, as you can go into the food picture mode after translating a menu item to better understand what you’re about to order. From Chinese to Thai food, waygo has you covered for all your translation needs. With a wide selection of packages to suit everyone, now you can find an app that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

7. iTranslate Voice 3

iTranslate Voice 3 enables “magical” voice-to-voice communication across languages. Simply speak into your phone and the app will translate, and speak, that sentence into one of 42 languages. You can also look up translations in the history, save your favorite phrases to use later, sync between devices, and copy your translations so you can paste them elsewhere.

iTranslate Voice 3 enables you to speak freely in 42 languages. Simply tap \’Speak\’ and the app will translate your words and speak them aloud. You can look up translations from the past, see real time translations as they are spoken, and share with friends!

8. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is the most versatile option on the market. Users can type the text they want translated, speak aloud, or take a photo of an image containing the text. Since it works offline it is perfect for a businessman on the go! The Microsoft Translator app is the most convenient option on the market. Users can simply choose the text they want translated and the app will instantly translate it.

Microsoft Translator offers many different ways to capture text: through speech, by handwritten text, or from a photograph. This is great for people that don’t have time to sit at a computer to get their work done.

9. Papago

Papago specializes in Asian languages, including Korean and Chinese (simplified traditional). This language app can also translate between English, Japanese and a host of other Asian languages. The offline translation feature comes in handy when you’re traveling and can’t access the Internet. And you’ll only need to download the offline translation files once – they’ll remain on your device, even if you update Papago.

Papago is the perfect translation app for language translation. It’s loaded with powerful features designed to help you fully understand Asian languages from across the globe. Whether you’re travelling or learning another language, Papago will help you discover another world.

10. MyLingo

If you’re a native Spanish speaker with a desire to see an English-language movie, your options are pretty limited. The app MyLingo is looking to fix that. The app works with theaters in Los Angeles and Texas that promise instant subtitles via your smartphone. It’s much better than the translation you get from fumbling for your glasses and squinting at the theater’s tiny screens.

If you love to speak Spanish and want to go see an English-language movie, you might be out of luck. No one is going to want to go with you if that’s your only option.

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