Do you require my original document for a Certified Translation Service?

Typically, no! At BLS, all we need is a clear and legible copy of your document(s) to certify the translation. Rest assured, we will inform you if the original document is necessary. It is crucial, however, that you provide us with a reasonably good quality copy. Please note that any illegible text will be clearly marked.

Sworn or Certified Translations?

In the UK, the term “sworn translation” is more of a theoretical concept, while abroad, it is widely used for official translations. In the UK, the equivalent term is simply a “Certified Translation,” which is what major UK authorities and institutions require for various applications.

How can I submit my documents for translation?

The most convenient way to send us your document(s) is by emailing a copy to us or by using our free quotation form to upload it. Alternatively, you can send your document via fax or send us a photocopy by post.

Will a Certified Translation meet my requirements?

Based on our extensive experience, a standard certification typically satisfies UK organizations, including the Home Office, consulates, insurance companies, academic and educational institutions, UK Naric, UK employers, banks, and the Passport Agency. However, it’s essential to note that the specific legalization requirements may vary among institutions and countries. If you’re uncertain about the type of certification needed for your document, please contact the relevant institution directly.

For submissions to UK courts, the process has recently changed, and a translator can now sign a standard statutory declaration. If the translation will be used outside the UK, it may require certification by a Notary Public and legalization by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in addition to translation. To ensure you request the correct level of certification, please reach out to your local consular service for guidance.

How long does the process take?

Typically, we can prepare your translations within 1-2 business days for both translation and certification. Please allow an additional 1-2 days for postage. If you require urgent service, we offer a next-day delivery option with an associated urgent rate.

We will provide you with a time estimate when we provide a quote for the service.

How can I submit my document(s)?

You have four options for submitting your document(s) to us:

Upload it using our Free Quotation form.
Send it as an attachment in an email.
Mail us a copy of your document.

Leicester Translation Services

In most cases, a good quality copy of your document is sufficient. We will request the original document explicitly if needed.

You can upload documents in various formats, including Word (.doc or .docx), PDF, Open Office (.odt), Rich Text (.rtf), or scanned images in .JPG format. Ensure that every part of the document(s) is included, as we translate all content. Any illegible or amended sections will be clearly marked in the translation.

How is the translation certified?

In the UK, the basic requirement is a declaration stating that the translation was completed by a qualified translator or an accredited company and is accurate. This declaration is attached to the translated document and can be signed by either the translator or a representative of the translation company, depending on the destination.

For translations sent abroad, it may be necessary to have the declaration signed in the presence of a Notary Public, depending on the purpose and destination of the translation.

In some countries, like Brazil, translators undergo selective examinations or are appointed by courts or government authorities as “sworn translators.” In such cases, a translation by a sworn translator is an official document in itself, typically requiring no further certification or legalization for official use in that country.

Can you verify equivalence for academic qualifications obtained abroad?

No, that procedure is handled by UK Naric. We can provide a certified translation, which you must then submit to UK Naric.

Can you correct errors in my original document?

No, we are obligated to translate the document exactly as it is. If there are mistakes in the original document, please contact the issuing authority to request amendments and a corrected version.

What is a standard page?

In our certified translations, a standard page consists of approximately 320 words from the source text (original document). An incomplete standard page is rounded up to the nearest half page.

For example:

If the source text contains 250 words, payment is due for one standard page.
If the source text contains 450 characters, payment is due for 1.5 standard pages.

Why choose an online translation service?

An online translation service like BLS is designed to save you both time and money. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s far more convenient to upload or email your documents without leaving your home. In some cases, a quick trip to a local internet café may also suffice.

Can I pick up/deliver documents in person?

While BLS primarily offers online translation services, there are rare occasions when clients with extremely urgent needs choose to collect their materials in person. However, for most situations, delivering documents through our website, email, or postal options is more practical.

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