Online Voice-Over Services UK

Best Language Services (BLS) has built up an extensive library and database of multilingual and mother tongue voice actors, commentators and narrators.

Voice Overs for all purposes:

We have a large number of professional actors, commentators, narrators and broadcasters covering a wide range of world languages. We only ever use professional voice over artistes who speak the chosen language as their mother tongue. (Demonstration tapes or MP3s samples are available on request).

Our voice over services comprise of the following:

  1. Extensive library of professional native-speaker voice over talents in a wide range of world language.
  2. Range of male and female voices with different ages and styles.
  3. Culture and market adaptation – we adapt your script to suit the culture and the life styles of your target audience.

If you’re preparing for a project requiring multilingual voice over recordings, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experienced staff will be able to assist you through the process and point out any possible areas of concern that should be addressed prior to the project launch.

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