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Best Language Services (BLS) is professional simultaneous interpreting services provider. Simultaneous interpretation is generally used in large meetings and conferences; where the more than one language is spoken. Simultaneous is a complex form of interpretation, in that it requires interpreter who can listen the speaker and interpret at the same time. Interpreters often sit in a sound-proof booth; while they listen the speaker through a headset, while they at the same time interpret into a microphone, which in turn transmits to the headsets worn by the members of the audience who need to understand that particular language. Large conferences around the world use simultaneous interpretation services, the UN is a good example of this. Depending on the needs and the nature of the conference a qualified interpreter is assigned to meet our clients’ interpretation requirements.

Simultaneous interpreting is highly skilled work, and it requires years of experience and expertise of the subject matter and the audience. Events that require such interpreting services need prior planning and specialist equipment. We often work most conference locations days in advance to test set up and test the equipment.  We use the latest interpretation technology to achieve the expectations of our clients. Our interpreters are certified and background checked.

Why Choose Our Simultaneous Interpretation Services?

We offer excellent and personalized simultaneous interpretation services at affordable rates. Our interpreters can help you with all interpreting assignments such as:  meetings, middle and large sized conferences. We provide highly qualified professional interpreter using the latest interpreting technology. 

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