Over the Phone Interpretation Services Provider

Best Language Services (BLS) provides over the phone interpretation services (OPI) in over 75 languages, to allowing our clients to receive language assistance anytime and anywhere they are. As all interpretation services OPI requires highly qualified linguists who understand the language needs of the people they interpret for. Over-the-phone interpreting requires standby linguists who can be contacted whenever required by our clients. We make sure have the right interpreter is in place whenever you need them.

We use the latest on phone interpretation technology. Our interpreting solution is easy to use on any phone network; you will be able to connect securely within seconds 24/7.  As a BLS client you will be able to dial a toll free telephone number, we take basic account information and the language you require. Your interpretation can start within minutes. There always help at hand when you need it.

Certified Professional Interpreters: We only work with highly qualified professional interpreters who are specialist the languages of your customers. We support the 75 of the most widely spoken languages in the world. BLS utilizes more than 500 professional interpreters in any given moment.

Culture Knowledge: It is often not enough to speak the language of your clients. The world is culturally diverse and therefore conveying messages in a culturally appropriate manner is a must; that is why we ensure that our interpreters have the cultural aptitude necessary for a culturally appropriate interpretation services.

Contact us today; we will help you receive the language interpretation services of your choice.

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